Thanh Hoa, Vietnam

The USAID LEAD program and USAID Vietnam Forests and Deltas program signed an MOU on October 7th with the Green Growth Task Force of Thanh Hoa Province in Vietnam to help the province develop and implement a green growth action plan.

USAID LEAD worked with the USAID LEAF program to conduct a regional workshop on gender equality in climate change to strengthen the knowledge and capacity of participants to implement sustainable solutions to climate change challenges.

The LEAD program recently conducted a three-day regional leadership course on Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) to help officials in Asia better understand the LEDS process and the economic, social, and environmental benefits for countries.

Participants in the GHG Inventory Systems training July 2014

USAID LEAD, USEPA, and the UNFCCC cooperated to train country teams from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam on international best practices for sustainable national GHG inventory systems during July 21-23, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Over-exploitation and conversion of mangrove forests to other uses is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions from Asia. To support sustainable management of these ecosystems, USAID LEAD and US Forest Service staff led a training in Cambodia..

Financing Low Emission Green Growth in Asia

This video provides highlights of interviews with international experts, policymakers, and private sector representatives on the topic of financing for low-emission projects and initiatives in Asia. An estimated USD 140-175 billion annually will be required for developing countries to effectively mitigate the effects of climate change by 2030. The Asia LEDS Partnership, in cooperation with the USAID Low Emissions Asian Development (LEAD) program and other donors convened workshops in 2014 and 2013 that brought together government officials from developing Asian countries with commercial bankers, global climate fund managers, and other experts from the public and private sectors to learn about existing and emerging mechanisms to finance low-carbon, climate-resilient growth in Asia. The full set of expert interviews are available on the Asia LEDS Partnership website.


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