Asia LEDS Forum Overview

The Asia Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) Forum 2012: Catalyzing an Era of Green Growth took place in Bangkok, Thailand during September 18-21, 2012. Over 150 representatives of governments, civil society groups, businesses, and international partners participated, with the objective of enhancing regional coordination on LEDS and green growth, identifying priorities for promoting regional capacity building and knowledge-sharing, and establishing an Asia regional LEDS network. Through technical presentations and discussions, the forum provided participants with a better understanding of LEDS analytical tools, models and best practices, current LEDS and green growth initiatives in the region, and available resources for supporting LEDS planning and implementation. The event also served as the first meeting of the LEDS Global Partnership for the Asia region.

In the Opening Plenary of the Asia LEDS Forum speakers addressed topics ranging from how LEDS can catalyze green growth to how countries can finance their LEDS and green growth initiatives.
















The Asia LEDS Forum was jointly organized by the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP) and the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO) under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Kingdom of Thailand, the U.S. Agency for International Development Regional Development Mission for Asia (USAID/RDMA), the LEDS Global Partnership Secretariat, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), with the support of numerous collaborating partners.

Presentations from the forum are available here, and a forum meeting report is available here.

Objectives of the Forum

Under the auspices of the LEDS Global Partnership, the objectives of the first Asia LEDS Forum were to: i) build a regional network of partners and practitioners working to advance and implement low emission development strategies; ii) facilitate regional coordination among governments, multilateral organizations, donors, NGOs, and others actively promoting green growth and low emission development via knowledge-sharing networks, and capacity building initiatives; iii) share resources, tools, models, approaches and best practices in LEDS and green growth planning and implementation; and iv) chart a path forward for the “Asia Regional LEDS Platform” under the LEDS Global Partnership, building on a shared vision and mission.


To achieve sustainable, transformative economic development, many Asian countries are pursuing a low-carbon, climate-resilient development path, commonly described as “green growth”.  Low emission development strategies, or LEDS, provide the necessary framework and process for improved strategic analysis, planning, and policy formulation for achieving green growth.

In December 2009, more than 100 countries participating in the UN climate change negotiations noted, as part of the Copenhagen Accord, that a “low emission development strategy is indispensable for sustainable development”. An increasing number of developing countries, including many in Asia, are now preparing and implementing low emission development strategies, or LEDS, as the foundation for climate-smart, transformative development.


A LEDS is a country-led and country-specific national strategic analysis and planning process covering all economic sectors for promoting economic growth while reducing long-term greenhouse gas emission trajectories. LEDS are voluntary and non-binding, and work to enhance existing planning and decision-support systems. Because each country has unique national circumstances and priorities, each country develops and drives its own LEDS strategy. Read more...

The LEDS Global Partnership

The LEDS Global Partnership was founded in early 2011 to advance low emissions development through coordination, information exchange, and cooperation among programs and countries working to advance low emissions growth. The partnership currently brings together more than 90 governmental and international institutions, and is open to any interested party that undertakes relevant work. Three regional platforms are now in formation, including the Asia Regional Platform. More information is available at:

The Asia Regional Platform of the LEDS Global Partnership will build on and collaborate with existing regional networks and initiatives—such as the East Asia Knowledge Platform for Low Carbon Growth, the Low Carbon Green Growth Roadmap for Asia and the Pacific, and related efforts by UNDP, the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, bilateral donors, the Global Green Growth Institute, and others—to catalyze increased collaboration and action to promote  green growth in the region.

Note: If you are interested in being involved in future events related to the Asia LEDS Platform, please send an email to Mr. John Bruce Wells, Chief of Party of the USAID Low Emissions Asian Develoment (LEAD) program, at: