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Tuesday, September 18, 2012 – Day 1
9:00-17:00 Side Events 
  • An Introduction to Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) (9:00-11:00)
  • Green Growth Best Practice initiative (GGBPi) meeting (11:15-13:00)
  • Asia LEDS Training Facility pilot course: GHG Measurement for Forest Projects (invitation only, full day)
  • LEDS Global Partnership-Asia Regional Platform Working Group Meeting (invitation only, 1400-16:00)
18:00-20:30 Opening Reception
Wednesday, September 19, 2012 – Day 2
8:00-9:00 Registration
9:00-10:00 Opening Plenary: Catalyzing Green Growth in Asia
  • Opening Remarks
  • Perspectives from Asia: The Philippines and its Approach to LEDS and Green Growth
  • What are LEDS and How LEDS Can Catalyze Green Growth in Asia


Plenary: LEDS in Asia and Emerging Initiatives
  • Overview of LEDS and Green Growth in Asian Countries
  • Overview of International and Regional Programs and Resources to Support LEDS
  • Financing LEDS
  • Panel Discussion
12:30-13:45 Lunch
13:45-17:15 Open Space Sessions: Country Experiences, Regional Initiatives, and International Support
  • Open Space Session 1: Country LEDS Initiatives, Case Studies, and Experiences
  • Open Space Session 2: International Initiatives and Regional Cooperation and Support for LEDS
18:00-19:30 Dinner Reception
Thursday, September 20, 2012 – Day 3
9:00-10:30 Concurrent Session 1: LEDS Tools and Processes
  • Session 1a: LEDS Analytical LEDS analytical tools for decision-making
  • Session 1b: National and subnational GHG inventories
  • Session 1c: Technology assessments and resource assessments
  • Session 1d: Development impact assessment; M&E
10:30-10:45 Coffee Break


Concurrent Session 2: LEDS Sector Challenges

  • Session 2a:  Energy
  • Session 2b: Transport
  • Session 2c: Agriculture, forestry, and land use
  • Session 2d: Sub-national LEDS (cities/state/provinces)
12:15-13:30 Lunch


Concurrent Session 3: Financing LEDS

  • Session 3a: Government financing for national LEDS initiatives
  • Session 3b: Domestic market-based policy incentives and carbon market platforms
  • Session 3c: Engaging the private sector, establishing public-private partnerships, evaluating and addressing investment risks
  • Session 3d: Financing capacity building and improving readiness for climate finance and international carbon markets
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break
15:30-17:00    Plenary Feedback and Discussion
18:00-19:30 Dinner Reception
Friday, September 21, 2012 – Day 4
9:00-9:10 Introduction
9:10-10:45 Charting a Path Forward for a LEDS Asia Partnership Strategy
10:45-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:00 Defining an Action Agenda: Next Steps for Regional LEDS Collaboration
12:00-12:30 Closing Remarks
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-17:00 Informal Meetings

 - End of Forum -