Regional Cooperation

Hands of different people held together in symbol in cooperationTo promote the development of low emissions, climate-resilient economies in Asia, LEAD works to facilitate regional cooperation, capacity building, and knowledge sharing through new partnerships, platforms, and networks. The LEAD program works in close coordination with regional and international partners as well as national and sub-national stakeholders to stimulate innovation, promote replication and scaling up of best practices, and share lessons learned from country to country in Asia. 

The LEAD program serves as Secretariat of the Asia LEDS Partnership, a regional network launched in September 2012 to support peer-to-peer learning, knowledge sharing, and improved coordination and cooperation among governmental and non-governmental partners promoting and supporting low emission development across the region. USAID/RDMA serves as Co-chair of the Asia LEDS Partnership, which is one of three regional platforms of the LEDS Global Partnership, an international initiative that currently brings together more than 100 government and international institutions.

Through these partnership and other activities, LEAD collaborates with other existing or emerging LEDS networks and initiatives in the region, including those supported by Asia countries, regional organizations and multilateral agencies.